Monday, December 28, 2009

Why Would Someone Do Copy Machine Leasing?

We can be the first ones to admit that sometimes technology, even for copy machines, can become an expensive factor when it comes to your home office or business. That's why we offer copy machine leasing. These copy machines are going to be a superb addition to your office, but they also won't eat you out of house and home. A lot of offices HAVE to have copiers NY so they end up buying a $2,000 machine straight up, which can end up digging them into a small hole.

Whereas with something like an in-house copy machine that you can rent - it not only brings a whole array of benefits into the figure, but it also can relieve you from some major stress. To "lease" is the same as leasing anything else. Ultimately you will be renting these machines which you will then pay a monthly fee on that will either be considerably lower than the price of the accumulated price, or it might be the same price as buying a machine outright. The point of this is that you don't have to spend $2,000 - $5,000 on a copy machine all at once. We offer leasing - this is going to not only make your office more flexible in what it can perform at, but they are big money savers. Imagine going to an "office" store and copying out 100 to 200 pages of material.

At most shops it costs about 25 cents per copy on a color copy machine. That right there is $25 to $50 in ONE day. Now imagine doing this ten or fifteen times a month. That's just crazy. And a lot of time when people don't have copy machines in-house they will oftentimes "go without" something simply because they don't have the convenience of having one in-house and they don't want to pay the prices. Well don't pay the prices! Try copy machine leasing from instead and save your money!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Digital Copiers NY Vs. Conventional Copiers

So it’s time for you to buy a copy machine or two. You decided to start looking around at the various options available and you have started to notice that there are two main "types" to choose from: conventional printers and digital printers.

Besides the price difference, what are the major differences between these two types of these copiers NY? Well for one thing, copy machines don't necessarily run along the lines of the old cliché "better with age". In fact, a lot of the old conventional machines are actually out-dated because technology is the latest IN when it comes to office supplies in general. Also, with something like a digital machine you will be looking at a lot of benefits that a copy machine that's more conventional, simply cannot measure up to.

For instance, on digital copy machines you will have to repair the machine far less than you would a conventional product. The reason? Digital options have less moving parts so things seem to have the chance to break less! Also, digital is going to be ten times better at producing perfect details and important details! And lastly, a digital printer option can often double as printers and scanners.

This means a significant amount of money can be saved, and if you have a smallish office like a home office, you will be taking up less space with one copy machine than with three! Obviously the choice is going to be up to you and what you want. Some people like sticking with the old rather than the new. I'm a big tech-freak so I would prefer having the benefits of the digital option!

Monday, December 14, 2009

"Xerox this document" doesn't necessarily mean Xerox this document...

Some of you may be confused by the term copy machines. Is there another word for these products? Yes there is! A more familiar name that you might be used to is "Xerox". Xerox is a xerographic printer. Now I know, they have actually machines that are by the brand name "Xerox", but the main reason it’s called Xerox is because of the type of printer. These machines are used for copying materials. These copy machines aren't like the ones you are used to from the "old days".

A lot of the newer copiers will leave you quite satisfied with the results. No more fuzziness, no more misalignment's, LOTS of options to choose from. Most of the copy machines these days are digital which leads to a nice and clearer picture. In fact a lot of the copy machine leasing companies are going to have multi-function copy machines. These are machines that will have printers or fax machines for use on the machine as well.

This is a big money and space saver because then you won't need 3 or 4 machines, instead you just need one or two depending on how many you want. As with most other digital piece of equipment these days though, you might be a little awe-struck with the pricing formats. If you are having a problem with this, you could always consider copy machine leasing. This is going to essentially allow you to "rent" the item.

For more info, visit today!

Monday, December 7, 2009

What Should I Be Looking For When Buying Copy Machines?

If you've decided to buy a copier for your home office or business you have made a brilliant decision! Copy machines are real time savers and they are affordable and have many options available. Also, the mere convenience of copy "in house" versus going to a store simply cannot be beaten with a stick! Nowadays, these copy machines also come with multi-functions such as a copy machine, printer, scanner and fax machine all wrapped up in one nice little package.

In order to find the right machine for copy machine leasing you should be considering a few things first. Will you need something like Duplexing? This is an option that will allow you to print both sides of a page which can also help you save money by saving paper. Will you need a black and white option or color? With even something like printers, color is always more expensive because of the cost of the cartridges. Also, black and white is MUCH quicker when it comes to copying!

Last, but not least, a lot of copiers have a "cap" on recommended monthly usage. If you plan on copy a lot of materials, make sure this cap is high enough - also if you plan on copy a small amount of materials, choose a smaller cap! If price is a problem, you could always do copy machine leasing as an option too. This is a good idea if you have a small business or a home office because it allows you to still get the copy machines, but at a better price per use.

Just visit www.WorldTradeCopiers .com and start making copies!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Are You A New Business? Do You Need Copy Machine Leasing?

It doesn't matter if you are a huge company, a home office, or if you are just getting into the mix of things - as business owners we try to save money wherever possible. However, when it comes to things like copy machines, this might be something you really need. So what can you do? Are you just going to use a local copier store? Heck no! Actually a copier store is probably going to be a lot more expensive than what I am going to suggest, so it's definitely something you should think about before making any decisions!

One of the things you should consider when needing a copy machine is to visit and get your self a lease to own plan. Yes, this does exist! It shouldn't really be a surprise since not only cars are getting leased nowadays. Now regarding copy machines, you can lease these for a specific amount of money each month. You can keep the copy machines for as little or for as long as you want - as long as you keep paying for it!

Our “rent to own" option is going to allow you to rent or lease the machine, but over a specific amount of time the copy machine will actually become yours - as in you will claim ownership to it. Not all companies do this, so it's a good idea to ask beforehand, or just visit World Trade Copiers for all your copy machine leasing needs.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Can I Really Lease A Copy Machine?

You sure can! In fact, you can get all kinds of great deals. While leasing is all about essentially "rent" you can also pay the "rent" or pay into the machine, and after so many months you can actually OWN the copy machines. It really depends on which plan you choose.

The great thing about the copy machine leasing is that you can get a product that you really need, but you won't have to put down a ton of money on it. Hey, copy machines can get expensive when it comes to buying them with a lump sum of money. You could be looking at anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars! However, when you choose to do copy machine leasing you might end up paying into it for this amount, but again it’s not going to be all at once. It’s sort of like paying rent on a rent to own home. You can put down a payment, but you will continuously pay rent over time.

When leasing from World Trade Copiers, you can have up to 90 days to use your new copier before your payment is due. Our Strep Lease Programs allow you to start with small payments which then increase to normal payments, allowing you the time to incorporate your new equipment into your workplace without having to worry about the sudden financial impact of immediate, significant monthly payments.

So as you can see, there are many and many plans to choose from. All you have to do is visit www.WorldTradeCopiers .com and start making copies.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Copy Machine Leasing Could Save You A Lot Of Money!

For those of you that have businesses, you know that oftentimes you have to cut down on the costs. Sometimes this can be difficult especially if it's something you really need such as copy machines. For the most part you could buy a really cheesy copy machine for a few hundred dollars. Who's to say how long this product would last though? On the other hand, you could consider renting a copy machine or copy machine leasing - this option is going to allow you to make payments to the company or business that offers these copy machines.

You can keep the copy machine for a particular amount of time and just make payments on it. If you are looking for copy machines for lease, you can contact the professionals at!

World Trade Copiers offer some really fantastic options and brands for you to take a look at. All of the popular machines brands are available along with many other business solutions and mailroom solutions. Some of these copy machines also have other options with them as well that are already built in, this way you could kill two birds with one stone!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Do You Need To Buy A Copy Machine? Have You Thought About Leasing One Instead?

Most business supplies and machines can end up costing you a bundle, so when it comes to things like printers, office desks and copy machines you might want to consider something else. How about leasing? Yes, lease is not limited to cars only! Leasing a copier is nice because you don't have to have a ton of money up front and you can end up getting a copy machine that you really like! To lease copy machines is to pay "rent" on them.

There is a lot into leasing copiers, some options include leasing to buying which is great because you don't have to keep paying into it, you can just make "payments" on it. World Trade Copiers offer copy machines form all of the biggest names in the business such as Sharp, Xerox and Canon. They are all very high quality, and they could end up doing a lot for your business.

If you make a lot of copies and faxes you could also consider copy machines that also have a fax option as well - a lot of the newer copy machines already have this option available! This is going to save you a considerate amount of money, and as said above, you won't need one giant lump sum of money. Also, if you want to find a specific company that offers copy machines in your area you should visit World Trade Copiers, for the best copier NY has to offer!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Stop Licking Stamps with the Help of Mymail

I run a home office for my small business and although most of my work is done via emails and phone calls, there are still letters to be sent. It looks like the mail is here to stay, although technology develops everyday, sometimes there is no alternative to good old-fashioned mail.

But I get tired of licking stamps all day and one of the most irritating things is to get stuck without stamps. And the calculation of fee? Whether it’s a 2.50 stamp or 2.75… Ahhh… can drive a man crazy!

So I decided to try one of those postage meters. I know, I also thought it’s intended for big corporations too, but turns out that there is a vast selection of compact, entry-level digital postage solutions available. I got me a mymail machine, look, it’s really cute:

It’s small and beautifully designed to sit on my desk. The mail is processed faster with a built in scale and a modem based postage account. I can even print my company’s logo or customize advertising massages to my mail!

You can get this mymail at World Trade Copiers with other mail room solutions, document management and IT consulting.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pimp your Copier!

So you got an HP Color LaserJet. Not bad. But did you know that with a few adjustments you can turn your copier into a powerhouse document producer?

You can turn this:

Into this:

Okay, let’s see what this baby can do!

  1. HP Trimmer Unit, cleans up the finished edges of saddle-stitched booklets.
  2. HP 3,000 Sheet Multifunction Finisher offers stapling, stacking, tri-folding and saddle-stitch finishing and creates up to 80 page signature booklet
  3. HP 3000-Sheet Stapler/Stacker allows stapling up to 50 sheets
  4. HP Post-Insertion Kit adds cover media and provides offline finishing
  5. Reversing Automatic Document Feeder accepts both one and two-sided originals up to tabloid
  6. Easy to use and powerful touch screen
  7. HP Hole Punch Kit with 2 or 3-hole punching
  8. Duplexer supports automatic two-sided printing and copying
  9. High capacity HP toner bottles increase productivity
  10. 2500-sheet, HCI try supports media up to 13 by 19
  11. Print Controller kit provides network connectivity and additional software functionality

Visit today and find the advanced business copier that meets your needs. World Trade Copiers offers copier sales and copier rentals at prices that won’t hurt your bottom line.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Why are copiers still important to business?

The past two decades has seen a whirlwind of activity and a rush of technological advances unlike anything the business community has seen since the Industrial Revolution. Within this period of change, one has to ask the question: is there still a place for the traditional business copier in today’s modern office? The answer is YES, for three key reasons: speed, simplicity and color.
  1. Speed. Although laser printers have come a long way in terms of the pages-per-minute output, they will never equal the speed of a business copier. For that reason alone there will always be a place for business copiers within companies that need to produce a high volume of documentation.
  2. Simplicity. The 21st Century business printer may be filled with advanced options and networking capabilities, but at the end of the day it is all about pressing a single button and watching the copies come out. In a world with ever-growing complexities, it is nice to fall back on something that is so easy to master.
  3. Color. Like the speed issue, there is no other way to produce such a high-volume of vibrant color pages than with a cutting edge color business copier. Recent advances in color copiers have made it more affordable to print in color than ever before, allowing companies to create presentations and other important documentation with ease.
Visit today and find the advanced business copier that meets your needs. World Trade Copiers offers copier sales and copier rentals at prices that won’t hurt your bottom line.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Why Copier Rentals Make more Sense for your Business

You’ve been eyeing that new business copier you saw in the in-flight magazine every day since you came back from that sales call in Phoenix. So why haven’t you “pulled the trigger” yet and bought this fully-loaded, feature-rich copier of the future? The answer is because times are tight, and the idea of spending thousands of dollars on a business copier may simply not be a reality.

Luckily, there is a cost-effective option to purchasing a business copier: copier rentals!
There are a number of key advantages to copier rentals, including:
  • Cost. These are turbulent times, and if your budget for next quarter doesn’t allow for a top business copier, you can simply cease renting until things start to pick up once again.
  • Flexibility. Just because you’ve got the latest copier technology today, doesn’t mean that there isn’t a better, more efficient product about to be released to the public. By renting a copier, you can always be in a position to upgrade.
  • Service and convenience. When you rent a copier, you’ve got a service staff on-call that can come in and fix problems and perform regular copy maintenance.
World Trade Copiers is New York’s favorite destination for business copier sales and copier rentals. Why? Because the expert staff at World Trade Copiers knows how to match your business with a copier perfectly suited to meet your needs. Visit today for more information.

Monday, September 21, 2009

When all else fails, get professional IT Support Service to get rid of Spyware and Malware

Let’s talk about Spyware. This evil malware, installed on computers without permission can be quite irritating. It will slow your computer down. Pop-up annoying windows all over your screen. Collect information about your company without your knowledge. What? Didn’t you know that?

Spyware is more than just an inconvenience. It’s a threat. The presence of this malice which is hidden from the user, secretly installed and monitors the computing, work, passwords, emails or any data that is being fed to the hungry worm.

If you suspect that there is a spyware hanging around your office, you better get a Spyware cleaner. Fast. And if that doesn’t work, you should call the professionals, before some valuable piece of information or data will be stolen from you.

Try World Trade Copiers IT Support Services. We offer:

Virus removal and repair
  • Removal and repair of the damage caused by the worst viruses out there
  • Installation of free software to keep you safe from new threats
Spyware/Adware removal
  • Removing hidden programs that eat up system resources and slow down your computer
  • Removal of the persistent pop-up ads caused by spyware and adware and free software to eliminate pop-ups permanently
  • Free tools to keep your system clean

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How to choose office copiers?

How to choose office copiers which will be reliable, and answer all of your needs? There are many copiers to choose from, some of them have amazing features and can do many things besides copying. Others just copy, and that’s it.

B&W or Color? Deciding which of the two you need, will cut your options by half. If you don’t really need to produce color copies, then there is not much to discuss. Color copiers are more expensive, and they are slower. But if you produce promotional paper, advertisements or creative design – you will need to purchase a color copier.

Automatic Feeder. Consider this feature when you engage in high volume printing. This will help you to make more copies, quickly and with minimum intervention.

Capacity. Even if you have a small office, you should look for a copier with proper paper handling capabilities. You need a capacity of at least a couple of hundred sheets if you want to avoid constant feeding and refilling paper.

Security. If you want to prevent unauthorized users from making copies, or need more supervision on the amounts of copies made, look for a copier with security feature which require users to put in a special code before they make copies.

If you have more any questions or if you already made your choice, visit where you can find answers to all of your document cycle questions.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

It’s not a copier. It’s a Digital Duplicator

Don’t settle for a regular copy machine. If your office is printing like there’s no tomorrow, you might want to take a look at a Digital Duplicator – the reliable and cost efficient alternative to toner based copy machines.

Here, this is the Standard SD450 Digital Duplicator and it is a mean machine. It gives you superior print quality and introduces state-of-the-art technological breakthroughs.

Instead of a press roller, this system uses a Press Cylinder to provide a larger paper press point, ensuring more consistent solid fill. An innovative Paper Gripping Mechanism firmly holds the paper, greatly enhancing accuracy of registration.

In addition, a new ink system monitors the ink flow to deliver faster drying time and reduced setoff. And what may be the biggest improvement in any model of this class is that it has two distinct paper separation systems installed. One for feeding normal weight cut sheet stocks, and a second for feeding thicker more difficult stocks such as envelopes.

Each feed array is selected at the touch of a button, it doesn't get any easier or more efficient. All this comes with the world’s fastest first-copy time for a duplicator: less than 12 seconds.

So if you need high speed printing and a low cost per page, visit us at and think about buying, or leasing a Digital Duplicator.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Set your security standards at the highest level with Standard High Security Shredder

Dealing with sensitive material? You probably care about your business security more than anything else and you want maximum protection for your documents.

Did you know that the United States Government raised recent concerns and awareness regarding overall security? Yes, there’s a new NSA CSS specification for high security paper shredders and it has been put into effect requiring that the shred size be no greater than 5 square millimeters.

Now you can set your office to follow to most strict guidelines with Standard’s High Security Shredders. Standard took this challenge and offers the 3080X5 that shreds to a size of 1mm x 4mm exceeding this new important specification. Combined with its other operator convenience features of Automatic On/Off, Bag Full Detection and Automatic Reversing, the durable 3080X5 also provides the ultimate in document security.

Take a look at the Standard 3080 X5. It’s a mid-sized console office shredder on casters. Includes auto on/off, bag full auto off, automatic reverse and a single tier forms rack. The shredder also features:
  • 10” Feed Width
  • 5 Sheet Capacity
  • 16 gallon waste capacity
  • Meets NSA/CSA DoD Specification 02-01
You can get this High Security Shredder at World Trade Copiers with other mail room solutions, document management and IT consulting.

Monday, August 24, 2009

To Buy or to Lease: That is the Question

The primary reason why most businesses lease copiers is to avoid the significant capital outlay required to purchase copiers and printers for the entire office. Here are some reasons why:
  • You get a copier faster, and with less paper work. When leasing office equipment, you have to complete only one form.
  • A lease can provide you with 100% financing. A bank loan generally covers only 20-30% of your total cost. Additionally, a lease calls for a 0 - 2 months down-payment, while a bank loan typically requires 50-70% of your total project cost.
  • Leases are usually 100% deductible over the term of the lease. Additionally, leases free up your cash, allowing you the means to further invest in your business.
  • Technology changes quickly, and sometime you buy the best and latest product, only to discover that a better one was released one a week later. Some leases include provisions to trade up to a newer model, allowing you to upgrade without buying anew.
At you can find answers to all of your printing needs including document management, mail room solutions, IT consulting, and much much more. For every phase of the document life cycle – from input to archive – World Trade Copiers offers best-in-class products and services to enhance efficiency.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Empower your mailroom operator with Postalmanager

Last week we’ve introduced a nice little handy device which weighs your heaviest parcels with great accuracy. But is anybody adding those postage stamps together? We’re sure that mail is an integral part of your business, but do you really know how much you spend on mail?

Because we care about your business, we’d like to show you a better way of managing your postal expenses.

Weighing, processing, tracking, reporting – the new Postalmanager integrated mailing and accounting software solution, can empower your mailroom operator with all the tools to make your mail center run more efficiently and cost-effectively.

You see, the user-friendly Postalmanager provides you with a complete, yet low-cost, USPS PC desktop mailroom operation and enables “at-your-fingertips” reporting and tracking. In addition, the Postalmanager will save you money by using electronic confirmation services, such as Delivery Confirmation and Signature Confirmation – so no more guessing all right?

If you're intersted to know more about the Postalmanager or World Trade Copiers maill room solutions - visit us at and start saving today.

Monday, August 10, 2009

A Rugged and Reliable Solution for Keeping Postage Costs in Check

Does your business require you to send a diverse mix of outgoing mail and parcels?

If you answered yes, then you should know that choosing the right postage scale for your office environment can easily save you up to 15 percent on postage expense. Yes! 15 percent, would you believe that?

That’s why we’ve brought in the FP–150 which is designed to help you save that money by
weighing your heaviest packages with complete accuracy. Don’t just put your envelopes on a kitchen scale. Hey, a cent here and a nickel there can add up mister.

The FP-150 is Ruggedly built and extremely durable, it offers a wide platform for handling large packages and is designed with an oversized, backlit LCD for easy viewing of weights. The FP–150 also offers a highly responsive keypad that simplifies entry for easy operator use.

With the FP–150, you’ll never have to worry about paying too much for big packages. This postage scale readily calculates domestic and International rates, including zip-to-zone, Express Mail, Library and Book for any size package.

Plus, it is programmed to handle most UPS and Federal Express rates at no extra cost. For added productivity, the FP–150 interfaces with any FP postage meter allowing you to automatically set postage and process mail more quickly. The bottom line? You can’t help but come out ahead with the FP–150 on the job.

You can get the FP-150 at World Trade Copiers with other mail room solutions, document management and IT consulting.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Don’t call it a copier. Call it a Digital Duplicator

Digital Duplicators are designed for high-volume printing jobs. What does it mean? Good question! It means that if you need between 60 to 180 prints a minute, you got to get a Digital Duplicator.

And you will love the latest addition to Standard's line of Digital Duplicators - the exciting new SD650. The SD650 sets the benchmark for quality among 600dpi resolution digital duplicators, using its high-density inks and a precision inking system, the Standard SD650 continues to lead the way for quality printing.

With push-button control, any operator can set machine parameters to accommodate even the most difficult of print jobs - even envelope printing without requiring expensive accessories or valuable set-up time. The SD650 has many built in features including a glass platen, automatic image rotation and on-board document storage.

The SD650 also offers a new way to get connected. The new SD80 Embedded PS3 Network Controller can be added as well giving the operator total control over jobs being printed, right from their desktop.

The best thing about it is the amounts of money you’ll save. Cost of single page remains to about 1/3 of cent! And they do not break like your regular copier.

Visit us online at and find out how this Digital Duplicator can be in your office today!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Still licking envelopes? Then get the FPi-5500

Your business is moving quickly, and the mailroom can’t miss a beat. That’s why we're glad to introduce to you the FPi-5500 series. This mean machine can swiftly fold and insert up to 10 pages per envelope – mailings with supplements, invoices, personalized mail, and much more.

Its intelligently designed modular construction lets you configure this system for 2 to 6 automatic feeder stations or tailor it for a customer-specific solution. All feeders can do flayers, postcards, return envelopes or brochures and the compact design and quiet operation makes it the best worker in the office.

This machine is easy to use and quick to learn with full-color, adjustable touch screen for simple operation. Its fast and reliable, can process up to 4,000 filled envelopes per hour and up to 60,000 filled envelopes per month. And most importantly – it is safe and secure and its monitoring functions ensure that every envelope is correctly and completely
filled for its intended recipient.

You can get this Folder Inserter at World Trade Copiers with other document management solution such as document management, mailroom solutions and IT consulting. Visit us online at For every phase of the document life cycle - from input to archive - World Trade Office Solutions offers best-in-class products and services to enhance efficiency.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Let's Analyze some Documents

What is your document strategy? Do you even have one? Did you know that an inefficient document strategy can allow little costs to build up over time, potentially causing dramatic losses that often go unseen? How does your company deal with documents?

Let’s start over.

Don’t have a document strategy? No problem. We know documents and using our expertise, World Trade Office Solutions will perform an onsite Document Workflow Analysis at your office to determine your company's current costs, information flow, and measure processes, as well as look at future expectations associated with your documenting needs in order to help your company develop an efficient overall document input and output strategy.

After assessing the expenses of your documents at all stages – during creation, storage and distribution - we provide you with a summary which details areas in which dramatic improvements can be made. This is your document strategy, your roadmap to office efficiency. From here on out, it's smooth sailing.

Visit us online at or every phase of the document life cycle - from input to archive - World Trade Office Solutions offers best-in-class products and services to enhance efficiency.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Can’t keep up with the copier breaking down? Meet Print Fleet Management

One of the busiest machines in every office is the printer/copier. We print and print and print documents and presentations and planners and itineraries and we print texts to proofread before we print texts we submit. Then we copy, and boy do we love to make copies. No wonder that the most problematic machine in the office is also the printer/copier.

But you have business to do and you don’t have time to start counting copies, calculating costs and maintenance. Well, you can’t – but somebody can… We’re proud to introduce to you Print Fleet Management - a print solution that is able to monitor your printer, ink and toner usage. When a machine goes down, an experienced technician will report immediately in your office, without you having to even make a phone call. When a toner runs out, it will be recycled and refilled without you even noticing. But you will notice the savings and the smile on your IT guy who don’t have to fix that copier ever again.

At you can find answers to all of your printing needs including document management, mail room solutions, IT consulting, and much much more. For every phase of the document life cycle – from input to archive – World Trade Office Solutions offers best-in-class products and services to enhance efficiency.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Analog, Digital and your Office Copy Machine

We’ve come a long way since this:

Still, one of the main questions when buying a copier is whether you should buy a digital copier or analog machine. No longer: the answer now is a resounding "digital."

You see, it makes little sense to buy analog copiers as most manufacturers have stopped introducing new analog models, and there is only a small price difference between analog and digital copiers with similar features.

There are many advantages of moving to digital machines:
  • They combine the functions of copiers, network printers, and fax machines
  • Fewer moving parts means less mechanical breakdowns
  • Less noise makes for a quieter business environment
  • They are better in reproducing fine lines and photographs
It seems though that some people still like the simplicity of old fashioned analog copiers - true they can be simpler to operate, with just one button to press in order to make a copy. However, with even minimal training, your staff will quickly get used to operating a digital machine and your office copying needs will take less time and save you more money.

Oh, and remember to be nice to your new digital copier - it can do this:

For more useful tips, services and answers to every phase of the document life cycle - from input to archive - get the best solutions at

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Get an instant quote online for all your office needs!

Need a copier? A printer? A fax machine? Don't know where to start? Let us know what you're looking for! Getting a price quote is easier than ever. All you need to do is fill out a simple form and we'll get back to you to, set up an appointment where we will discuss your needs, and give you a price estimate. Don't waste time on useless phone calls and confusing long forms.

Look - it's as easy as one, two, three. First, go to our website and fill out your details:

Tell us exactly what you are looking for - a copier/printer/scanner or a fax. You can lease, purchase or rent and if you want color then we've got color - we've got it all:

Tell us when you'll be ready and don't forget to put down budget limitations, service needs, or any other questions you might have:

And you're done! Just press the Submit For Quote button and we're on the job. You can also submit a quote if your looking for Document Management, IT Consulting or any Other Services you see on our website. Visit us online at because for every phase of the document life cycle - from input to archive - World Trade Office Solutions offers best-in-class products and services to enhance efficiency.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Is Document Management the right thing for your office?

Answer a few questions and see how well organized is your office:

1. Where do you keep your company’s documents?

1) In a basement with a sign on the door that says “Enter at your own Risk.”
2) Under my kid’s mattress.
3) Documents? What are documents?

2. What happens when you need to locate a document from last May?

1) I just sit down, hold my head and cry.
2) I promise my kid and his friends a dollar if they could find it.
3) I just click a button.

3. How does your fax tray look like?

1) It still has unanswered telegraphs massages from the 60’s.
2) My kid’s will sort them as a summer job.
3) I have no fax tray! I receive faxes directly to my email.

Now add the sum of your answers. If you have 9 points, then you are already using World Trade Office Document Management Solutions. If you have less than 9 points, you should seriously consider stepping out of your cave and join the 21st century. Discover the secret to efficient document storage rests with WTOS smart archiving.

Log on to and discover how we can save you time and money by providing instant access to archives at the click of a mouse, while at the same time providing an easy-to-use online environment that manages emails, faxes, and physical and digital files. Our secure solution provides access to millions of documents, instantly. Never misplace a file again.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How To Find Discount Office Copiers

Purchasing office equipment isn't the luxury it used to be with businesses. Now, purchases have to be carefully researched and they must have a attractive ROI. However, you can find discount office copiers that fit your budget, your needs and your investment.

Getting a discount copier isn't hard if you know the right reseller and/or company that has great inventory, customer service, and support. But when purchasing, what questions should you be asking?

1.If used, does the office copier have a low meter?
2. Do the parts match up?
3. Has the entire machine been cleaned?
3. Is there a warranty for the parts or labor?
4. What type prices do you get on service, support or supplies?
5. How many copies do you make per month?
6. Can I reach the customer service department from the dealer by phone and email?
7. Is the dealer listed with the Better Business Bureau?

But why stress? At World Trade Copiers we've been around since 1985, so we know office copiers. Let us find the perfect one for your business that fits into your budget and work environment. At World Trade Copiers we provide document management, mailroom solutions, IT consulting, and much more. Visit us online at For every phase of the document life cycle - from input to archive - World Trade Office Solutions offers best-in-class products and services to enhance efficiency.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Common Office Copier Problems

Wheter it's printing out Cry Baby lyrics or printing out a business report, the thing that businesses always complain about, especially if they don't have in house IT, is that their copier machine seems to be have a number of problems that can't be solved. Common problems with office copiers can vary.

It won't stop printing stuff!
Sometimes a copier can break and people continue to send print jobs to the copier. The result of this means that when the printer does go back online it may still print all those back print jobs that are no longer needed.

I can't get rid of that watermark no matter how hard I try!
Most likely this problem occurs because the setting were improperly set up or because someone changed them by mistake and doesn't now how to reverse it.

I tried to clean the cartridges but nothing happened.
If you are cleaning the oven the same thing applies, turn the printer off and leave. However sometimes the cleaning cartridges setting just won't work either because the ink dried or you didn't follow the steps correctly.

Why is the ink streaking?
This is probably the most common copier problem.. ink streaking on documents and on the rollers. This could be because fault codes were incorrectly set when using solid ink.

These reason are exactly why when you lease a office copier you should have the support to go with it, especially if an IT staff is not in your budget. At World Trade Copiers we provide document management, mailroom solutions, IT consulting, and much more. Visit us online at For every phase of the document life cycle - from input to archive - World Trade Office Solutions offers best-in-class products and services to enhance efficiency.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why You Should Outsource Your IT

Sometimes hiring a fulltime or part time IT staff is not feasible, it’s not affordable, and it’s just not the right time to try it. That's why outsourcing your IT support services can be the next great idea.

So what can you expect when you outsource IT?

1. Hardware support for all your hardware needs including installations, troubleshooting and repairs.

2. Software support for operating systems, system optimization, installation and troubleshooting can also be outsourced. This is also great because most companies will also provide you consulting whenever you are interested in getting new software.

3. With networking support, an outsourced company will plan, install and troubleshoot wired networks and internet connections.

4. Virus, spyware and adware removal and repair can also be outsourced. IT support services can remove, repair damaged systems and install free software to keep you protected.

5. Data backup and recovery services will keep your system safe in case of a crash. This includes recovering lost data and any important data that you may have lost and corrupt hard drives.

So save money and overhead by outsourcing your IT. At World Trade Copiers we provide document management, mailroom solutions, IT consulting, and much more. Visit us online at For every phase of the document life cycle - from input to archive - World Trade Office Solutions offers best-in-class products and services to enhance efficiency.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What is Document Management

In today's day and age, document management is a must for large and small businesses alike. Back in 2003 when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, hundreds of businesses found themselves in a tough predicament... the loss of all their documents.

The correctional facilities had no records of prisoners and the city hall basement documents were flooded... as a result many prisoners were unaccounted for. This story was repeated constantly from law firms to retailers who had lost everything.

Document management is another option to safely store your documents in case of a disaster and should be a part of every businesses disaster plan. With World Trade Copiers can save you lots of time and headache by allowing us to provide you with easy to use online file storage through archiving. Now you can search and access millions of documents and never have to worry about the next disaster.

At World Trade Copiers we provide document management, mailroom solutions, IT consulting, and much more. Visit us online at For every phase of the document life cycle - from input to archive - World Trade Office Solutions offers best-in-class products and services to enhance efficiency.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

World Trade Office Solutions

Founded in 1985 World Trade Copiers was a repair shop for copiers, telex machines, typewriters, and much more. In 1995, customer demand for World Trade Copiers allowed us to expand our services to sales and leasing.

Today, renamed World Trade Office Solutions in January of 2005, we are situated in the heart of downtown Manhattan where we specialize in office equipment, document management, IT consulting and support. At World Trade Office Solutions, our goal is to:

"...create a productive and efficient workplace environment for you, based on your needs and using the best technology available. Additionally, we seek to provide you with responsive service and attention, while keeping your costs down and your productivity up."

Stay updated through our blog as we explore our companies history, document management, mailroom solutions, IT consulting, and much more. Visit us online at For every phase of the document life cycle - from input to archive - World Trade Office Solutions offers best-in-class products and services to enhance efficiency.