Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Common Office Copier Problems

Wheter it's printing out Cry Baby lyrics or printing out a business report, the thing that businesses always complain about, especially if they don't have in house IT, is that their copier machine seems to be have a number of problems that can't be solved. Common problems with office copiers can vary.

It won't stop printing stuff!
Sometimes a copier can break and people continue to send print jobs to the copier. The result of this means that when the printer does go back online it may still print all those back print jobs that are no longer needed.

I can't get rid of that watermark no matter how hard I try!
Most likely this problem occurs because the setting were improperly set up or because someone changed them by mistake and doesn't now how to reverse it.

I tried to clean the cartridges but nothing happened.
If you are cleaning the oven the same thing applies, turn the printer off and leave. However sometimes the cleaning cartridges setting just won't work either because the ink dried or you didn't follow the steps correctly.

Why is the ink streaking?
This is probably the most common copier problem.. ink streaking on documents and on the rollers. This could be because fault codes were incorrectly set when using solid ink.

These reason are exactly why when you lease a office copier you should have the support to go with it, especially if an IT staff is not in your budget. At World Trade Copiers we provide document management, mailroom solutions, IT consulting, and much more. Visit us online at For every phase of the document life cycle - from input to archive - World Trade Office Solutions offers best-in-class products and services to enhance efficiency.

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