Monday, January 25, 2010

Copy Machine Leasing For Your Office

More than one and a half million business copiers are sold each year. However, a copier is expensive. Medium-quality copiers cost around five to ten thousand dollars. The question is, should you buy or lease? Copy machine leasing has a number of significant advantages. The main advantage of leasing copy machines is that you avoid the major money outlay you need to buy one. But also, because copier technology advances very rapidly, your copier lease more likely than not will allow you to exchange your copier for a newer model every few years.

This way you can continually upgrade without buying again. Some copier leases let you give back the copier, so you have more flexibility if keeping up with the monthly payments is proving difficult. Leases typically include free service so you do not have to worry about keeping your copier running.

A lot of leases charge you per copy or have minimum amounts of copies you can make. So if you can afford the large up front outlay and want to save money over the long haul, buying a copier may be best.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

What Are The Benefits Of Copy Machine Leasing?

There are a few good reasons an office might choose to go with copy machine leasing. The most important reason boils down to simple dollars and sense: leased copy machines require less up-front cash. Most businesses do not have access to capital that is freed up and not already committed for important things like payroll or taxes. A copier can cost on the low end about $5,000 and on the high end about $40,000. Low-end copiers do little else except to replicate an image.

Quality adjustments, enlargements and reductions, two-sided copies, stapling, collating and fax lines will definitely place the cost close to high end. Another reason businesses choose leased copiers is because service and repairs are including in the contract agreement. It is the responsibility of the leasing company to make sure the copier is performing to the specifications listed on the contract. This removes a large financial and operational burden from the shoulders of office managers and makes it easier for employees to perform.

Of course, if you are smart enough to do the math, then you know that when you are talking about copiers NY over a long-term lease, you will absolutely spend a lot less money than if you had purchased a machine outright.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

The Convenience Of Copy Machine Leasing Without The High Prices!

The Big Apple is a great place for a business. It is the center of activity for many big organizations and for thousands of smaller businesses as well. For any type of business, office supplies are an important part of success. To minimize overhead costs, sometimes a lease option is better than purchasing equipment outright. Copy machine leasing is common among businesses. A lease ensures that the business will get the newest, best equipment available and that the company will stand behind it to keep it in good repair.

Copiers NY is a great solution to leasing copy machines for your New York City business. Whether your business is small scale or a major corporation, leasing a copy machine can help you run your business efficiently and without the hassles and costs of owning the office machinery. One of the biggest benefits of leasing a copier this way is that if anything should go wrong with the machine, the company will service it, usually by sending a technician right to the office so that it is fixed as quickly and as conveniently as possible.

Where would your business be without having a reliable copier? Fortunately, the copy machine leasing options are varied and tailored to your business needs. There are many great names in the copy machine world available now for leasing. A copy machine lease can help you keep your business running smoothly in the big city and allow you the freedom and the peace of mind that comes from an office setting that runs like a well oiled machine.

Monday, January 4, 2010

How Can I Choose A Copier NY?

If you are considering purchasing a new copy machine for your home office, you should consider several things before making your purchase. In fact, you might be better off going with the option which I chose, which is copy machine leasing. Before you decide to purchase or lease your copy machines, you should decide just how much you would be using it. Do you need a multifunction copier and scanner? Do you need to be able to scan color copies? Understanding exactly what you need in your copier will help you choose between buying one outright, or leasing one for a certain amount each year.

Before making a decision, you should know the strengths and weaknesses of each route. I chose to lease my copier because all I needed was a basic copier, which could print and copy files as quickly as I needed them. Since I did not need fax nor color copies, leasing a copier was a better choice, as it would cost me much less to lease it than to purchase one. If I had purchased my own, it would have taken me 10 years to make my money back, which just is not an option.

Copiers NY can help you choose the right copy machine for your business, and decide whether or not you want to lease it, or own it. If you do choose to lease your copier, you'll probably get off cheaper, as you won't be responsible to any repairs which need to be made on the machine, though you will be responsible for replacing the toner and supplying your own paper, just as if the machine were your own.