Monday, January 25, 2010

Copy Machine Leasing For Your Office

More than one and a half million business copiers are sold each year. However, a copier is expensive. Medium-quality copiers cost around five to ten thousand dollars. The question is, should you buy or lease? Copy machine leasing has a number of significant advantages. The main advantage of leasing copy machines is that you avoid the major money outlay you need to buy one. But also, because copier technology advances very rapidly, your copier lease more likely than not will allow you to exchange your copier for a newer model every few years.

This way you can continually upgrade without buying again. Some copier leases let you give back the copier, so you have more flexibility if keeping up with the monthly payments is proving difficult. Leases typically include free service so you do not have to worry about keeping your copier running.

A lot of leases charge you per copy or have minimum amounts of copies you can make. So if you can afford the large up front outlay and want to save money over the long haul, buying a copier may be best.

Visit today and find the advanced business copier that meets your needs. World Trade Copiers offers copier sales and copier rentals at prices that won’t hurt your bottom line.

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