Monday, January 18, 2010

What Are The Benefits Of Copy Machine Leasing?

There are a few good reasons an office might choose to go with copy machine leasing. The most important reason boils down to simple dollars and sense: leased copy machines require less up-front cash. Most businesses do not have access to capital that is freed up and not already committed for important things like payroll or taxes. A copier can cost on the low end about $5,000 and on the high end about $40,000. Low-end copiers do little else except to replicate an image.

Quality adjustments, enlargements and reductions, two-sided copies, stapling, collating and fax lines will definitely place the cost close to high end. Another reason businesses choose leased copiers is because service and repairs are including in the contract agreement. It is the responsibility of the leasing company to make sure the copier is performing to the specifications listed on the contract. This removes a large financial and operational burden from the shoulders of office managers and makes it easier for employees to perform.

Of course, if you are smart enough to do the math, then you know that when you are talking about copiers NY over a long-term lease, you will absolutely spend a lot less money than if you had purchased a machine outright.

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