Monday, August 24, 2009

To Buy or to Lease: That is the Question

The primary reason why most businesses lease copiers is to avoid the significant capital outlay required to purchase copiers and printers for the entire office. Here are some reasons why:
  • You get a copier faster, and with less paper work. When leasing office equipment, you have to complete only one form.
  • A lease can provide you with 100% financing. A bank loan generally covers only 20-30% of your total cost. Additionally, a lease calls for a 0 - 2 months down-payment, while a bank loan typically requires 50-70% of your total project cost.
  • Leases are usually 100% deductible over the term of the lease. Additionally, leases free up your cash, allowing you the means to further invest in your business.
  • Technology changes quickly, and sometime you buy the best and latest product, only to discover that a better one was released one a week later. Some leases include provisions to trade up to a newer model, allowing you to upgrade without buying anew.
At you can find answers to all of your printing needs including document management, mail room solutions, IT consulting, and much much more. For every phase of the document life cycle – from input to archive – World Trade Copiers offers best-in-class products and services to enhance efficiency.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Empower your mailroom operator with Postalmanager

Last week we’ve introduced a nice little handy device which weighs your heaviest parcels with great accuracy. But is anybody adding those postage stamps together? We’re sure that mail is an integral part of your business, but do you really know how much you spend on mail?

Because we care about your business, we’d like to show you a better way of managing your postal expenses.

Weighing, processing, tracking, reporting – the new Postalmanager integrated mailing and accounting software solution, can empower your mailroom operator with all the tools to make your mail center run more efficiently and cost-effectively.

You see, the user-friendly Postalmanager provides you with a complete, yet low-cost, USPS PC desktop mailroom operation and enables “at-your-fingertips” reporting and tracking. In addition, the Postalmanager will save you money by using electronic confirmation services, such as Delivery Confirmation and Signature Confirmation – so no more guessing all right?

If you're intersted to know more about the Postalmanager or World Trade Copiers maill room solutions - visit us at and start saving today.

Monday, August 10, 2009

A Rugged and Reliable Solution for Keeping Postage Costs in Check

Does your business require you to send a diverse mix of outgoing mail and parcels?

If you answered yes, then you should know that choosing the right postage scale for your office environment can easily save you up to 15 percent on postage expense. Yes! 15 percent, would you believe that?

That’s why we’ve brought in the FP–150 which is designed to help you save that money by
weighing your heaviest packages with complete accuracy. Don’t just put your envelopes on a kitchen scale. Hey, a cent here and a nickel there can add up mister.

The FP-150 is Ruggedly built and extremely durable, it offers a wide platform for handling large packages and is designed with an oversized, backlit LCD for easy viewing of weights. The FP–150 also offers a highly responsive keypad that simplifies entry for easy operator use.

With the FP–150, you’ll never have to worry about paying too much for big packages. This postage scale readily calculates domestic and International rates, including zip-to-zone, Express Mail, Library and Book for any size package.

Plus, it is programmed to handle most UPS and Federal Express rates at no extra cost. For added productivity, the FP–150 interfaces with any FP postage meter allowing you to automatically set postage and process mail more quickly. The bottom line? You can’t help but come out ahead with the FP–150 on the job.

You can get the FP-150 at World Trade Copiers with other mail room solutions, document management and IT consulting.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Don’t call it a copier. Call it a Digital Duplicator

Digital Duplicators are designed for high-volume printing jobs. What does it mean? Good question! It means that if you need between 60 to 180 prints a minute, you got to get a Digital Duplicator.

And you will love the latest addition to Standard's line of Digital Duplicators - the exciting new SD650. The SD650 sets the benchmark for quality among 600dpi resolution digital duplicators, using its high-density inks and a precision inking system, the Standard SD650 continues to lead the way for quality printing.

With push-button control, any operator can set machine parameters to accommodate even the most difficult of print jobs - even envelope printing without requiring expensive accessories or valuable set-up time. The SD650 has many built in features including a glass platen, automatic image rotation and on-board document storage.

The SD650 also offers a new way to get connected. The new SD80 Embedded PS3 Network Controller can be added as well giving the operator total control over jobs being printed, right from their desktop.

The best thing about it is the amounts of money you’ll save. Cost of single page remains to about 1/3 of cent! And they do not break like your regular copier.

Visit us online at and find out how this Digital Duplicator can be in your office today!