Monday, December 28, 2009

Why Would Someone Do Copy Machine Leasing?

We can be the first ones to admit that sometimes technology, even for copy machines, can become an expensive factor when it comes to your home office or business. That's why we offer copy machine leasing. These copy machines are going to be a superb addition to your office, but they also won't eat you out of house and home. A lot of offices HAVE to have copiers NY so they end up buying a $2,000 machine straight up, which can end up digging them into a small hole.

Whereas with something like an in-house copy machine that you can rent - it not only brings a whole array of benefits into the figure, but it also can relieve you from some major stress. To "lease" is the same as leasing anything else. Ultimately you will be renting these machines which you will then pay a monthly fee on that will either be considerably lower than the price of the accumulated price, or it might be the same price as buying a machine outright. The point of this is that you don't have to spend $2,000 - $5,000 on a copy machine all at once. We offer leasing - this is going to not only make your office more flexible in what it can perform at, but they are big money savers. Imagine going to an "office" store and copying out 100 to 200 pages of material.

At most shops it costs about 25 cents per copy on a color copy machine. That right there is $25 to $50 in ONE day. Now imagine doing this ten or fifteen times a month. That's just crazy. And a lot of time when people don't have copy machines in-house they will oftentimes "go without" something simply because they don't have the convenience of having one in-house and they don't want to pay the prices. Well don't pay the prices! Try copy machine leasing from instead and save your money!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Digital Copiers NY Vs. Conventional Copiers

So it’s time for you to buy a copy machine or two. You decided to start looking around at the various options available and you have started to notice that there are two main "types" to choose from: conventional printers and digital printers.

Besides the price difference, what are the major differences between these two types of these copiers NY? Well for one thing, copy machines don't necessarily run along the lines of the old cliché "better with age". In fact, a lot of the old conventional machines are actually out-dated because technology is the latest IN when it comes to office supplies in general. Also, with something like a digital machine you will be looking at a lot of benefits that a copy machine that's more conventional, simply cannot measure up to.

For instance, on digital copy machines you will have to repair the machine far less than you would a conventional product. The reason? Digital options have less moving parts so things seem to have the chance to break less! Also, digital is going to be ten times better at producing perfect details and important details! And lastly, a digital printer option can often double as printers and scanners.

This means a significant amount of money can be saved, and if you have a smallish office like a home office, you will be taking up less space with one copy machine than with three! Obviously the choice is going to be up to you and what you want. Some people like sticking with the old rather than the new. I'm a big tech-freak so I would prefer having the benefits of the digital option!

Monday, December 14, 2009

"Xerox this document" doesn't necessarily mean Xerox this document...

Some of you may be confused by the term copy machines. Is there another word for these products? Yes there is! A more familiar name that you might be used to is "Xerox". Xerox is a xerographic printer. Now I know, they have actually machines that are by the brand name "Xerox", but the main reason it’s called Xerox is because of the type of printer. These machines are used for copying materials. These copy machines aren't like the ones you are used to from the "old days".

A lot of the newer copiers will leave you quite satisfied with the results. No more fuzziness, no more misalignment's, LOTS of options to choose from. Most of the copy machines these days are digital which leads to a nice and clearer picture. In fact a lot of the copy machine leasing companies are going to have multi-function copy machines. These are machines that will have printers or fax machines for use on the machine as well.

This is a big money and space saver because then you won't need 3 or 4 machines, instead you just need one or two depending on how many you want. As with most other digital piece of equipment these days though, you might be a little awe-struck with the pricing formats. If you are having a problem with this, you could always consider copy machine leasing. This is going to essentially allow you to "rent" the item.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

What Should I Be Looking For When Buying Copy Machines?

If you've decided to buy a copier for your home office or business you have made a brilliant decision! Copy machines are real time savers and they are affordable and have many options available. Also, the mere convenience of copy "in house" versus going to a store simply cannot be beaten with a stick! Nowadays, these copy machines also come with multi-functions such as a copy machine, printer, scanner and fax machine all wrapped up in one nice little package.

In order to find the right machine for copy machine leasing you should be considering a few things first. Will you need something like Duplexing? This is an option that will allow you to print both sides of a page which can also help you save money by saving paper. Will you need a black and white option or color? With even something like printers, color is always more expensive because of the cost of the cartridges. Also, black and white is MUCH quicker when it comes to copying!

Last, but not least, a lot of copiers have a "cap" on recommended monthly usage. If you plan on copy a lot of materials, make sure this cap is high enough - also if you plan on copy a small amount of materials, choose a smaller cap! If price is a problem, you could always do copy machine leasing as an option too. This is a good idea if you have a small business or a home office because it allows you to still get the copy machines, but at a better price per use.

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