Monday, December 7, 2009

What Should I Be Looking For When Buying Copy Machines?

If you've decided to buy a copier for your home office or business you have made a brilliant decision! Copy machines are real time savers and they are affordable and have many options available. Also, the mere convenience of copy "in house" versus going to a store simply cannot be beaten with a stick! Nowadays, these copy machines also come with multi-functions such as a copy machine, printer, scanner and fax machine all wrapped up in one nice little package.

In order to find the right machine for copy machine leasing you should be considering a few things first. Will you need something like Duplexing? This is an option that will allow you to print both sides of a page which can also help you save money by saving paper. Will you need a black and white option or color? With even something like printers, color is always more expensive because of the cost of the cartridges. Also, black and white is MUCH quicker when it comes to copying!

Last, but not least, a lot of copiers have a "cap" on recommended monthly usage. If you plan on copy a lot of materials, make sure this cap is high enough - also if you plan on copy a small amount of materials, choose a smaller cap! If price is a problem, you could always do copy machine leasing as an option too. This is a good idea if you have a small business or a home office because it allows you to still get the copy machines, but at a better price per use.

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