Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How To Find Discount Office Copiers

Purchasing office equipment isn't the luxury it used to be with businesses. Now, purchases have to be carefully researched and they must have a attractive ROI. However, you can find discount office copiers that fit your budget, your needs and your investment.

Getting a discount copier isn't hard if you know the right reseller and/or company that has great inventory, customer service, and support. But when purchasing, what questions should you be asking?

1.If used, does the office copier have a low meter?
2. Do the parts match up?
3. Has the entire machine been cleaned?
3. Is there a warranty for the parts or labor?
4. What type prices do you get on service, support or supplies?
5. How many copies do you make per month?
6. Can I reach the customer service department from the dealer by phone and email?
7. Is the dealer listed with the Better Business Bureau?

But why stress? At World Trade Copiers we've been around since 1985, so we know office copiers. Let us find the perfect one for your business that fits into your budget and work environment. At World Trade Copiers we provide document management, mailroom solutions, IT consulting, and much more. Visit us online at http://www.worldtradecopiers.com/. For every phase of the document life cycle - from input to archive - World Trade Office Solutions offers best-in-class products and services to enhance efficiency.

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