Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Is Document Management the right thing for your office?

Answer a few questions and see how well organized is your office:

1. Where do you keep your company’s documents?

1) In a basement with a sign on the door that says “Enter at your own Risk.”
2) Under my kid’s mattress.
3) Documents? What are documents?

2. What happens when you need to locate a document from last May?

1) I just sit down, hold my head and cry.
2) I promise my kid and his friends a dollar if they could find it.
3) I just click a button.

3. How does your fax tray look like?

1) It still has unanswered telegraphs massages from the 60’s.
2) My kid’s will sort them as a summer job.
3) I have no fax tray! I receive faxes directly to my email.

Now add the sum of your answers. If you have 9 points, then you are already using World Trade Office Document Management Solutions. If you have less than 9 points, you should seriously consider stepping out of your cave and join the 21st century. Discover the secret to efficient document storage rests with WTOS smart archiving.

Log on to www.worldtradecopiers.com and discover how we can save you time and money by providing instant access to archives at the click of a mouse, while at the same time providing an easy-to-use online environment that manages emails, faxes, and physical and digital files. Our secure solution provides access to millions of documents, instantly. Never misplace a file again.

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