Monday, August 3, 2009

Don’t call it a copier. Call it a Digital Duplicator

Digital Duplicators are designed for high-volume printing jobs. What does it mean? Good question! It means that if you need between 60 to 180 prints a minute, you got to get a Digital Duplicator.

And you will love the latest addition to Standard's line of Digital Duplicators - the exciting new SD650. The SD650 sets the benchmark for quality among 600dpi resolution digital duplicators, using its high-density inks and a precision inking system, the Standard SD650 continues to lead the way for quality printing.

With push-button control, any operator can set machine parameters to accommodate even the most difficult of print jobs - even envelope printing without requiring expensive accessories or valuable set-up time. The SD650 has many built in features including a glass platen, automatic image rotation and on-board document storage.

The SD650 also offers a new way to get connected. The new SD80 Embedded PS3 Network Controller can be added as well giving the operator total control over jobs being printed, right from their desktop.

The best thing about it is the amounts of money you’ll save. Cost of single page remains to about 1/3 of cent! And they do not break like your regular copier.

Visit us online at and find out how this Digital Duplicator can be in your office today!

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