Monday, August 17, 2009

Empower your mailroom operator with Postalmanager

Last week we’ve introduced a nice little handy device which weighs your heaviest parcels with great accuracy. But is anybody adding those postage stamps together? We’re sure that mail is an integral part of your business, but do you really know how much you spend on mail?

Because we care about your business, we’d like to show you a better way of managing your postal expenses.

Weighing, processing, tracking, reporting – the new Postalmanager integrated mailing and accounting software solution, can empower your mailroom operator with all the tools to make your mail center run more efficiently and cost-effectively.

You see, the user-friendly Postalmanager provides you with a complete, yet low-cost, USPS PC desktop mailroom operation and enables “at-your-fingertips” reporting and tracking. In addition, the Postalmanager will save you money by using electronic confirmation services, such as Delivery Confirmation and Signature Confirmation – so no more guessing all right?

If you're intersted to know more about the Postalmanager or World Trade Copiers maill room solutions - visit us at and start saving today.

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