Monday, August 10, 2009

A Rugged and Reliable Solution for Keeping Postage Costs in Check

Does your business require you to send a diverse mix of outgoing mail and parcels?

If you answered yes, then you should know that choosing the right postage scale for your office environment can easily save you up to 15 percent on postage expense. Yes! 15 percent, would you believe that?

That’s why we’ve brought in the FP–150 which is designed to help you save that money by
weighing your heaviest packages with complete accuracy. Don’t just put your envelopes on a kitchen scale. Hey, a cent here and a nickel there can add up mister.

The FP-150 is Ruggedly built and extremely durable, it offers a wide platform for handling large packages and is designed with an oversized, backlit LCD for easy viewing of weights. The FP–150 also offers a highly responsive keypad that simplifies entry for easy operator use.

With the FP–150, you’ll never have to worry about paying too much for big packages. This postage scale readily calculates domestic and International rates, including zip-to-zone, Express Mail, Library and Book for any size package.

Plus, it is programmed to handle most UPS and Federal Express rates at no extra cost. For added productivity, the FP–150 interfaces with any FP postage meter allowing you to automatically set postage and process mail more quickly. The bottom line? You can’t help but come out ahead with the FP–150 on the job.

You can get the FP-150 at World Trade Copiers with other mail room solutions, document management and IT consulting.

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