Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How to choose office copiers?

How to choose office copiers which will be reliable, and answer all of your needs? There are many copiers to choose from, some of them have amazing features and can do many things besides copying. Others just copy, and that’s it.

B&W or Color? Deciding which of the two you need, will cut your options by half. If you don’t really need to produce color copies, then there is not much to discuss. Color copiers are more expensive, and they are slower. But if you produce promotional paper, advertisements or creative design – you will need to purchase a color copier.

Automatic Feeder. Consider this feature when you engage in high volume printing. This will help you to make more copies, quickly and with minimum intervention.

Capacity. Even if you have a small office, you should look for a copier with proper paper handling capabilities. You need a capacity of at least a couple of hundred sheets if you want to avoid constant feeding and refilling paper.

Security. If you want to prevent unauthorized users from making copies, or need more supervision on the amounts of copies made, look for a copier with security feature which require users to put in a special code before they make copies.

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