Friday, October 30, 2009

Stop Licking Stamps with the Help of Mymail

I run a home office for my small business and although most of my work is done via emails and phone calls, there are still letters to be sent. It looks like the mail is here to stay, although technology develops everyday, sometimes there is no alternative to good old-fashioned mail.

But I get tired of licking stamps all day and one of the most irritating things is to get stuck without stamps. And the calculation of fee? Whether it’s a 2.50 stamp or 2.75… Ahhh… can drive a man crazy!

So I decided to try one of those postage meters. I know, I also thought it’s intended for big corporations too, but turns out that there is a vast selection of compact, entry-level digital postage solutions available. I got me a mymail machine, look, it’s really cute:

It’s small and beautifully designed to sit on my desk. The mail is processed faster with a built in scale and a modem based postage account. I can even print my company’s logo or customize advertising massages to my mail!

You can get this mymail at World Trade Copiers with other mail room solutions, document management and IT consulting.

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