Monday, July 5, 2010

Thoughts on Copy

Poor copy machines. They get such a bad rap. Between paper jams, and the time it takes to make hundreds of accurate copies, people make it seem as though copy machines are evil. Come on guys, copies have to be made. Reproductions are crucial to the business world. In fact, copy is technically what I’m doing right now.

The word copy has many meanings, one of which is “written matter intended to be produced in printed form.” So this is typed matter, which will printed virtually, which makes me a copywriter. Copy is printed production, and copy machines produce. It’s true that they re-produce, but without them, we would lack the physical manifestation of documents.

Who knows maybe one day copy machines will become antiquated much like the phonograph. People will carry around little iPads that can download anything in seconds. Maybe paper as we know it will disappear, being reserved only for books, which will become collector’s items in themselves.

Until then copy machines will continue to be office staples. But we can learn to appreciate them, can’t we? Take copy machine leasing, for example. If you have a problem, you call the leasers, and they will fix it for you. That’s copy made easy.


  1. What would be the benefits of owning color copy machines in cincinnati oh? Is it worth it to purchase one of my own?

  2. I've been looking for office copy machines in Wilmington, NC. Do you know what brand would be the most sturdy and long lasting?

  3. Copy machines usually do get a bad rep since we associate them with paper jams and ink splatters. It is important to have the right machine for the environment you are working in. You wouldn't want to have a very large machine for a small office, or the opposite.

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