Monday, July 12, 2010

Copy Machine Zen and Tips

Copy machines are vital to the business world. They can only be resuscitated by certain people who know the way of the copy machines. To treat a copy machine right you have to touch it delicately, as though dealing with a beautiful woman. You can’t get angry at copy machines, kick them or slam their parts – that will only make them more reluctant to help you. No, you must direct them towards what you want, gently stroking their buttons and finding what they need from you in order to do their job.

Jammed paper must be removed, and is the most common problem. Opening the front of the copier and following the directions on the inside of the copier is the best way to deal with this. Often jams are caused by moistened or curled paper. Keep paper in a cool, dry place.

Keep your copy machines clean. Dust and transferred ink can poorly affect the copy machine.
Replacing the toner cartridge can also help troubleshoot light and dark spots on the page, and is much easier than calling a technician from the copy machine leasing company.

If all else fails, then you need someone who really knows copiers. Call a pro.


  1. it feels good to find this kind of stuff while surfing on net… keep posting i liked it very much about Copiers.

  2. I'm interested in these types of color copy machines in Cincinnati OH. Our office could definitely use one or two new ones!

  3. Thanks for the info. We've been wanting to get some nicer color copy machines in Cincinnati, oh. Do you know where to get them?

  4. I have never seen a copier with a keyboard built right into it! That is amazing and I wonder why no one has thought of doing that before now. I have been wanting one with a keyboard for awhile now and they have finally made one. Kudos to the person that brought this to people's attention and had this made.
    Jak Manson |

  5. Thank you for sharing this information on world wide copy machines. I would love to get one in my office, that prints color. Do you know where a good place to get one is? Thanks!

    Wayne Deer |

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