Monday, May 10, 2010

Save Paper When You Use Copy Machines

Copy machines are necessary in most office environments but can contribute to significant paper wastage if you’re not careful. Here are a few tips to help you be kind to the environment and save money when you use copy machines.

When preparing a large publication for print, consider using smaller font, narrower margins, and smaller or fewer images and graphics to reduce the overall number of pages. Go double-sided wherever possible; change your copier’s default setting to double-sided.

Use recycled or environmentally-friendly copy paper whenever you can. Recycled papers work just as well in laser copiers as regular paper and use less bleaching agents so they contribute to a healthier environment.

Consider “printing on demand.” Rather than printing hundreds of copies of an annual or shareholder report – and risk the chance of them collecting dust – print reports as they are requested and needed to avoid wastage.

Proof on screen. Get into the habit of proofing documents and making changes on screen using track changes – rather than printing documents on copy machines to mark-up by hand. Electronic editing can contribute to significant paper savings.

Review administrative forms and consider which ones can go paperless, such as leave application forms, timesheets, ID applications or travel bookings.

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