Monday, May 3, 2010

Copy Machine Leasing Saved My Accounting Business!

I run my own accounting business and guess what used to cause me the most frustration? Clients who arrived late for their appointments? Clients who didn't bring in all their salary and investment records? Accounting software freezing up? All those things are annoying, of course, but none were quite as frustrating as when my copy machines failed.

For a long time, it was common for me to be in an appointment with a client and say “let me just make copy of these documents – I’ll be right back.” I’d go into the next room, put the documents into the copier – and the copier would proceed to scrunch them up. I’d never “be right back” at all because I’d be pulling my hair out, consumed with opening and closing the various compartments and flaps of the copier, trying to rescue the documents.

It was becoming obvious that this could not go on. I was spending more time with my copier than with my clients. The copier was threatening to destroy my clients’ documents and was demanding more and more of my time. I needed a new copy machine.

I did a Google search for “copiers NY,” looked at the prices, and realized I couldn’t afford to pay for a new machine. So, I looked into copy machine leasing and picked out a deal that worked for me. Now, when I’m with my clients and say “I’ll be right back,” I really do come right back!

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