Monday, April 19, 2010

Investing in Color Copy Machines

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Thinking about leasing color copy machines? If so, you’ve got some decisions to make: Do you want a high-end or low-end machine? And, do you want advanced or standard features?

For most people, a high-end color copier is worth the extra price. This is because high-end models have the technology to add all four colors of ink in a single sweep. Low-end copiers have to do four separate passes, which means color copy jobs – especially long ones – will go a lot slower.

As for features, it’s usually better to stick with the standard features such as color balancing and adjustment, as well as image centering and border erasing. Advanced packages include all of these features, in addition to other features like colorization, which allows you to add color to black and white documents.

Features like these sound impressive, but they’re often difficult and more time-consuming than their computer software equivalents. Plus, different copy manufacturers tend to use different names for the same features, making it hard to compare models when researching.

For all of these reasons, if you’re investing in copiers NY, your best buy (or lease!) is a high-end model with standard features.

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